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I forgot to mention…

I have mostly written about my projects on this blog so far, and not so much about myself. Let’s fix that.

A little more than one year ago I wrote that I had made my first circuit board. I’m not quite sure how it happened, but I am now the chairman of XP-el, the organization that arranged the course last year. I held this year’s circuit board course just a few weeks ago. You can read more about XP-el on its website. As chairman of XP-el, I am also in the board for Datasektionen, a students’ union at LTU.

I am also a member of Teknologkåren’s council. Teknologkåren is the student union at the highest level, and the one with the most influence here at the university. We are about 35 students that get to vote on what the union should do, and I am one of the members that is representing Datasektionen.

I have also helped Teknologkåren build a website called Kurswiki (course wiki). It is a wiki where the students at LTU can review their courses and look up information about courses they want to take in the future. In short: course reviews; by the students, for the students. I have helped by programming everything on the site since it was conceived in 2008.

In school, we are currently having a project course that has been ongoing since the start of 2011, and it will continue this whole semester. In it, we are a group working on building a highly fuel efficient car that will compete in the annual Shell Eco Marathon this May. The car is called Skilži and you can read more about it and Team Baldos over at baldos.se. Within Team Baldos, we are a smaller group of four students that are working on the electronics and software of the car. You can read our little blog here (it’s in swedish). I’ve just finished redesigning the car’s ignition module and we will soon see if it works. 😀

Besides from the project course, I have just finished a course called Electronics II. Had the finals today, actually, and I think it went pretty well. Since I am in the third year of my university education, I have (finally) been able to choose some of the courses that I want to take, so I have picked a few courses about electronics. It’s pretty fun for a change, since the programming courses that I’ve had so far haven’t been that challenging because I do a lot of that in my free time already.

I think that’s most things that is worth mentioning at the moment.

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